Welcome to the Birchwood Ballet Academy, where our dancers grow in confidence, agility, dedication and the art of ballet. Our mission is to instill strong classical ballet training, artistry, well-being and creativity in dancers of all ages and capabilities, while helping each student reach their highest potential through our structured classes, giving them the confidence and discipline that benefits all areas of their life. Our dedicated team of instructors provide unparalleled education, both technically and artistically, to all dancers ages 6 & up, of all ability levels. Whether ballet is a hobby, or a career choice, the Birchwood Ballet is open to any dancer with a desire to learn.


Why are we called the Birchwood Ballet Academy? We wanted a name that represented calmness, unity, support and, of course, Minnesota. The Birchwood Tree only grows in the northern regions (like Minnesota!), grows strong to be stoic, in groups to support each other, while all stems rise from one common root to rise as one. Nothing could describe our mission more. Our teachers and staff work as one to develop each dancer to be the strongest, best version of themselves, while they contribute to the beauty and artistry of the forest, our academy, as a whole.


Our program offers two paths in order to accommodate every level and age – A la carte or our Pre-Professional Program.

A la Carte – We offer an open program, where dancers can create their own program and dedication level by selecting from our a la carte list of classes that best fit their time schedule and desired speed of learning. If one class fits into your schedule, that is great. If the dancer wanted to accelerate their dance education, we recommend multiple classes per week.

Birchwood Ballet Pre-Professional Ensemble Program – This program is dedicated to the development of the complete performer, both technically and artistically. Dancers, ages 9 & up, will take 2 classical ballet technique classes per week, plus a pre-pointe or Pointe class, which may include performance pieces.

Dancers are encouraged to round out their education with jazz technique and/or acro classes for flexibility. The ensemble dancers will have performance opportunities including our December Nutcracker (Winter 2024) and a June Group Performance.

Both programs will follow an expertly designed syllabus, inspired by the Vaganova method of ballet technique. This syllabus allows each level of students to fully develop the skills required to move to the next tier.


• Black Leotard
• Pink Tights
• Pink Canvas or Leather Ballet Shoes
• Level appropriate Hip Alignment Belt
• Hair – Neat Low Bun, No Bangs

• Black Dance Tights
• White T-shirt Tucked In
• White Socks
• Black Canvas or Leather Ballet Shoes
• Hair – Neat and Out of Eyes

The Birchwood Ballet Academy is located within the studios of Victoria Dance Productions.

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