Dancers in our recreational program may wear any color and any style of leotard and tights or booty shorts and tank/bra top to their tap, ballet, and/or jazz combo class. Baggy T-shirts and pants are not allowed as it is difficult to evaluate proper technique through the formless clothing.

Birchwood Ballet Academy technique classes require any style of black leotard (fitted, no attached skirt), footed pink tights, pink ballet shoes, with hair in a bun. There are no exceptions to this dress code. Dancers not properly dressed for these ballet classes will not be allowed to take class.


The shoes for each class are:

Smart Start Babies/Tykes, Tiny Tots, Twinkle Toes dance in bare feet.

Pearls, Opals, and Emeralds wear pink ballet slippers and tan buckle tap shoes.

Sapphires use black split sole tap shoes, tan gore jazz shoes, and pink ballet slippers.

Rubies/Diamonds wear black sole tap shoes for tap and tan gore jazz shoes.

Modern dancers should have footless tights or leggings, pirouette shoes are required.

Hip Hop dancers will wear clean, never worn outside tennis shoes.

Adult Classes wear any color any style of appropriate shoes. Ballet shoes for ballet; Jazz or ballet shoes for jazz; Tap shoes for tap.

**All shoes may be purchased through VDP – see an administrative assistant for assistance. Shoes must be paid for in full before they are ordered and will take 1-2 weeks to arrive.